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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cowling Screw Organizer

Composite cowlings tend to vary in thickness, with that change in thickness comes a change in grip length for your cowling screws.  I was recently inspired by a fellow Scaley who used mini ice cube trays to organize his cowling hardware for his long ez.  Not to be out done and inspired by the supply of MTM Case Gard ammo boxes at Karl's Hardware in Rosamond, I adapted an ammo case for the task.  Like the Spark Plug Caddy hack, the big advantage is you can close the lid and reduce the risk of spilling the screws.

The Chassis is the P-100-9 Handgun Ammo Box (I paid $4 for these at Karl's).  The challenge with this requirements for this box is the need to hold both the short screws and the long screws.  The small screws fall down into the pockets and are a pain to get out and then move between pockets when the lid is closed.  But if you fill in the pockets then the long screws won't fit.  So I cut some 3/8 inch fuel hose  into 1/4" lengths and glued them into the pockets.  The ID of the hose is big enough for a long #10 but a short screw in upside down still pokes out far enough to grab with a greasy finger.  Then I put some half inch foam in the lid to keep the short screws from moving between pockets.

What are you working on tonight?

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