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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spark Plug Caddy

For spark plug organization you basically have two options; a Spark Plug Tray for $50, or something involving holes in cardboard.  I have been doing the cardboard thing for a while and was getting tired of it, but wasn't yet tired enough to drop $50.

So the chassis of this bad boy is a Case Gard Flip-Top Rifle Ammo Box Part# RS-50 (I paid $4 at Karl's Hardware in Rosamond).  I put a piece of 2" x 3/16" thick Felt in the lid to protect the plugs and cut a piece of poster board for the labeling.  Long story short I have about $20 into the two of these and unlike a standard sparkplug tray they have lids and the plugs fit really well.

Also a heads up, these boxes are set up for the M40J plugs that we run for air racing.  They may not work for your plug of choice.  I would recommend finding a local store that has a good selection of these cases and checking them out they are great for all sorts of stuff, and cheap.

What are you working on tonight?

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