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Elliot Seguin and Jenn Whaley's Formula One class air race team based out of Mojave, California. Pylon racing at the National Championship Air Races in Reno Nevada. Eight airplanes racing head to head around telephone poles in the desert. Mojave is the best place on the planet to build and modify a race plane, and Wasabi is lucky to have the best support in the business.

Monday, February 16, 2015

SETP San Diego

Hey Guys,

There is still time to reserve your spot at the SETP West Coast Symposia (link).

Justin Gillen and I will be speaking about the test work we did fir Aerochia on N62MH, N357AW and N23LF during the build up to Reno 2014.

Justin and I are extremely flattered to have been chosen to speak to this prestigious group and look forward to the opportunity to learn more about testing badass aircraft.

Go work on your airplane!
Elliot and Jenn

Title:  Wastegate Development For A Sport Class Pylon Race Aircraft.

Abstract:  During 2014 Aero Chia performance aircraft changed the pneumatic wastegate provided with their Super Lancair Legacy line of race aircraft.  The TSIO-550-C is rated to 300 horsepower, we believe the engine was making over 650 horsepower when the propeller failed in a heat race at Reno 2014.  The build up to that power setting took place over three airframes, and failed 4 turbos.  These are some of the lessons learned from that testing.