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Elliot Seguin and Jenn Whaley's Formula One class air race team based out of Mojave, California. Pylon racing at the National Championship Air Races in Reno Nevada. Eight airplanes racing head to head around telephone poles in the desert. Mojave is the best place on the planet to build and modify a race plane, and Wasabi is lucky to have the best support in the business.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Carbon For Breakfast

These photo's were taken late at night in the build up to Reno 2014.  We had just had another forced landing due to a significant loss in power.  I had run to the house to get the data off the memory card, leaving Andy as nervous as he gets.  There was a long list of things that could have caused the failure and some were a lot harder and more expensive than others.  We needed an answer.

I got back to the hangar to find a very different guy, a very happy Andy.  After pulling all the top cowl it was very quickly very obvious what had caused the problem, and in many ways it was the best answer we could have gotten.  The one thing that makes Andy happier than knowing what the problem is, is knowing he can fix it with carbon.

On an unrelated note:  If Andy says he can get in 4 cure cycles while you are at work, and have the plane ready to fly before sundown, don't bet him he can't, especially in front of your girl.

Airplanes are cool,