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Monday, December 29, 2014

Jet Record Setting At The Mojave Flyin

There have been some questions about setting records at the Mojave Flyin. In particular questions about the records for turbo jets in the C-1d (3,750-6,615lbs) and C-1e (3,750-13,225 lbs) categories. It ends up being an interesting group because the weights are high enough to exclude the BD-5, BD-10 type stuff but low enough to exclude probably even Korean era jets. So basically anybody who is running in the Jet class would be going after these records, which would be cool. And with 3km runs in the 500 mph range, it would be freaking cool to watch!!

I have added the summary to the bottom of the record summary page on the Mojave Flyin site.


Interesting side note. The C-1d iii category is dominated by Massimo Ralli, flying an MB-326 Impala in the late 60's. I couldn't find much info on Massimo, except the attached photo of him giving a cockpit tour to Hanna Reitsch, which is cool.

Massimo Ralli and Hannah Reitsch