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Elliot Seguin and Jenn Whaley's Formula One class air race team based out of Mojave, California. Pylon racing at the National Championship Air Races in Reno Nevada. Eight airplanes racing head to head around telephone poles in the desert. Mojave is the best place on the planet to build and modify a race plane, and Wasabi is lucky to have the best support in the business.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Aero Chia Mission Patches

Hey Guys,

A month or so ago Jenn and I had the opportunity to help out on an Aero Chia race prepped Lancair Legacy. The airplane had some modification work done by Andy Chiavetta. It's owner Mac Hammond clearly has great taste as he gathered a great team for the project. The panel was done by Jon Hadlich owner of AI systems. The paint was laid out by Mirco Pecorari . The engine was done by Chris Padilla at Pacific Continental.

The test program happened this last winter, testing was done by Matt Jackson and Len Fox with a little help from Wasabi Air Racing (Elliot Seguin, Jenn Whaley and Justin Gillen).  I was flattered to get some test guidance from Darryl Greenamyer and Mojave legends Dick Rutan, and Peter Siebold

What a pleasure to work with such talented and professional people!

There was a minimum order on the mission patches for this project and we have a few extra. We will be giving 5-10 away. If more envelopes come in than we have patches we promise we will send you something equally awesome.

Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Wasabi Air Racing
PO Box 131
Mojave CA

What are you working on tonight?

Thank you,
Elliot and Jenn