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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eric Brown on the 162

Hey Guys,

Well it finally came in!  The article "Mastering Heinkel's Minimus" by the legend Eric Brown ran in Air Enthusiast in June 1972.  It was one of a series of articles by Captain Brown titled "Viewed from the cockpit", which covered most every airplane you'd be interested in from the second war.  This particular article on the He-162 is the most referenced writing on the topic.

In short the 162 was a we'll say 500 mph low altitude fighter designed specifically for scramble type airfield defense.  The result transonic performance with some 2,300 lbs of structure built from non-strategic materials.  Sounds to me like the fighter jet you could build with a used russo turbine and Burt's Moldless Composite Construction, sort of like a small ARES

What are you working on tonight?
-Race 68