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Elliot Seguin and Jenn Whaley's Formula One class air race team based out of Mojave, California. Pylon racing at the National Championship Air Races in Reno Nevada. Eight airplanes racing head to head around telephone poles in the desert. Mojave is the best place on the planet to build and modify a race plane, and Wasabi is lucky to have the best support in the business.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Service Wrenches

I bought this set of service wrenches a couple months ago from Harbor Freight.  I needed some larger size stubby wrenches for aircraft systems work and was having trouble justifying the cost.  My old man was die hard Snap-On and he has spent many hours trying to convince me to quit buying Craftsman and upgrade to the good stuff.  This makes for a bit of a pickle because the service wrench sets can get pretty pricey and I wasn't sure I would like using a service wrench for AN hardware.  I was about ready to saw a set of large Pittsburgh wrenches in half to make them work in a pinch and I realized the Pittsburgh Service Wrenches were the same price, and I am really happy I did.  The wrenches look and work great.  They are bare metal, so they don't have that cheap chrome look, but most importantly they're great for AN fittings in tight spaces.

15 Piece SAE Service Wrench Set

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